The Albion Awakening guarding Lunatic Pandora's Upper Half

The Albion Awakening is an incredibly powerful spiritual entity and mental wave that is dormant Albion's Palace District, it is later revealed that it is the recovering Soul of Great Hyne, it summons itself to Lunatic Pandora after it takes in enough energy from constant Luna Cries to allow passages to the Inner Sanctuary to become Available from Adel's previous Chamber.



Once his old body was dictated unable to be used until it was recovered, Hyne commanded that his loyal followers were to build a stone tomb for him that would be surrounded in a Crystal Pillar while his Soul meanwhile watched over his Children like the God he was proclaimed to be, The Albion Awakening is revealed to be Hyne's soul in a projected form which has gained power and knowledge from every Sorceress/Sorcerer Power has experienced from combat.


It is later revealed that ingrained into Every Sorcerer/Sorceress' Power is the Divine Mission of reawakening Hyne, as is the motion behind their Actions, Ultimecia was the only one attempting to become a divine being however Dunkel Almasy used that to his advantage to speed alone the preparations for Hyne's revival which