Named after a Demon of Hell: Andras is a Great Marquis (a Prince to other authors) of Hell, having under his command thirty legions of demons. He sows discord among people.

Andras is Typhon's lover and a Sin Genos, he is powerful and destructive despite his stoic apperance, he tends to create destruction no matter where he goes however he becomes more subtle upon meeting and falling in love with Typhon.

Biography Edit

Becoming a Sin GenosEdit

Andras was an orphan since Sin destroyed the Village he came from and grew up in the Bevelle slums however he was around when Braska defeated the previous Sin and watched as the Final Aeon then turned around and killed Braska, he was noticed by the Final Aeon and became a Sin Genos after being captured alongside the Final Aeon's transformation into Sin, he eventually gained enough power to leave the "safety" of Sin's shell and traveled around the world but soon came into contact with Typhon whom he fell in love with.

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