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Central 15 Meeting Room

The Central 15 is the Commanding Center of the Albion Empire Republic, it is a collection of Noble Famailies and while it Rules an Empire/Republic it is actually an Oligarchy, is a form of power structure in which power effectively rests with a small segment of society distinguished by royalty, wealth, family ties, military control, or religious hegemony.


As a EmpireEdit

The Central 15 was originally an Advisory Council to Hyne during the time that he resided in a physical form, it was made up of his closest family and consorts, after he left it degraded into a Republic.

As a RepublicEdit

Unlike an ordinary Republic which has regime changes everytime a new person takes the Head of the Council after an election, Albion's Republic is unique as it is only Chair-Personed by Hyne's Younger Brother making it more of a Dictatorship, overall the Republic is nothing more than an Oligarchy.

As a OligarchyEdit

The nation is more of an Oligarchy, as they have a group of people ruling through distinction:


Everyone in the Central 15 are directly related to their God Emperor Hyne by Blood, some even being Hyne's Children whom have not died in combat or gotten tierd of living, giving the ideals for a Monachy.


There are a number of naturally born, lesser Noble Families, whom have enough Wealth to add their stake to the Nation's benefits.

Family TiesEdit

The Central 15 are mostly releated to their God Emperor: Great Hyne, in one way or another.

Military ControlEdit

Mostly left to Dunkel and his brother: Cardin Fleruq, the Military is made up of the Legionaire Forces, an army of Lifeless and sustainless Clones that have magic potential of their own.

Religious HegemonyEdit

Those whom live on Albion and its Sister Cities are known to be "above" other life in more than just height, this is because they belive themselves to be entitled to gods, Hyne being the Creator God himself.