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Bahamut Fury - A Relative of Bahamut in the evolution Chain, considered to be one of the strongest Bahamut Summons, this Bahamut uses the power of Combat to increasse its own huge power level to an ultimate attack.

Gestalt Mode Edit

Bahamut Fury is a major evolution of Bahamut and therefore does not have a Gestalt Mode as its form is always that of a Dragon, the Gestalt Mode of a regular Bahamut is the very same form also.

L'Cie MarkEdit

He starts out with one Sanctum Mark however over time it evolves into two, interestingly both marks resemble half a Dragon Head which insinuates that his L'Cie Mark is at an incomplete level to have an Eidolon however after becoming an Omega L'Cie he gains his first summon which ironically is very powerful.


He uses two heavily fortified gloves that are upgraded over time, each are infused with Elemental Crystals and Tazers, to give an extra kick to the punches:


  • Metal Knuckle - None Elemental, basic attacks and seems visably weak, however first observations are usually mistaken.

1st Upgrade:Edit

  • Maverick - Fire Elemental, powerful defensive skills

2nd Upgrade:Edit

  • Gauntlet

Final Form:Edit

  • Ehrgeiz


The Way that Cid fights is considered a Master of Hand-to-Hand Combat compared to Snow whom is a Fist Fighter.

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Combat Abilities:Edit

Combat Spells:Edit

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