Hyne - Present Body

Great Hyne, preferably Hyne, is a Sorcerer so powerful he was able to create the world of Final Fantasy 8 and Humanity which his descendents are those with the Sorceress/Sorcerer Power. His immediate Family are said to be the strongest, out of the Twenty Sorcerer/Sorceress Families on Albion, only five of them have Family Members still alive whom remember their father or even met their father on occasion.

Biography Edit

A Long time Ago...Edit

Stories about HyneEdit

There are many different Stories about Hyne where it is explained that he created the world and Humanity before going to sleep to retain his energy, he awoke to find a large number of people and so the risks of the world being overpopulated grew which his follow-up action therein caused a war between himself aligned with the Guardian Forces and the Humans; eventually however, Humans used their ability to dream and aspire to turn the tables on Hyne and his mighty Army of Supernatural Beings.

Master Xehanort

Hyne - Forced Aged Body as a Price to Heal without having to rest

Legends say that he gave up a piece of his original body so that he could escape while hinting at the possibility that this part of his body had Magical powers, Dunkel explained that the sacrificed part of his body regenerated however instead he lost his Youth for a time as he couldn't rest without the fear of being caught by the Humans, hence the damage repair came at another cost.

The 20 ChildrenEdit

The present 20 Noble Families of Albion especially the pureblooded (haven't mated with humans that lack Magical Potential without a GF) "Central 15" Council, are all descended from Hyne specifically Five of the "Central 15" whom were not only alive at the time but also spent time with Hyne, in the ranks of those five was Hyne's favourite son: Dunkel Almasy.