Velocità er how big the world is, Tokisaki Kurumi is the only person that can interfere with irreversible time. AndUniverse is Zafkiel. Please don’t lend your ears to nonsense made by smart scholars and authors. The thing you-Shidou-san looking right now, is the only truth.„~ Kurumi Tokisaki“You were ready to kill another creature, yet you're scared to be killed. Don't you think that's weird? When you point a gun at another life....*shoots the delinquent*....this is what happens.„~ Kurumi Tokisaki“He is a wonderful man. He’s the best man. He looks…incredibly delicious. Ah! Ah! I yearn for him! I yearn for him! I want his power. I want to make him mine and become one with him!„

Kurumi tokisaki for evil spirits invocled for urko and envy in catedral kurumi posses for cosmic power in destroy universe Sora in tentate de defeat menace in entire Universe kurumi apren gun usser for kill urko and Sephiroth be assorbite fisic energy 


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