Lunatic Pandora over Tear's Point

Lunatic Pandora is an Aerial Fortress built between Esthar and (revealed by Dunkel) the Republic of Albion, it is only known among the Sorcerers and Sorceresses that the Crystal Pillar at its heart is actually the Space Tomb of Hyne himself, it was pulled down from Orbit 80 Years Ago in the Sorceress War where Adel and Dunkel started to work immediatly on Hyne's reserection.


Dunkel's PredictionEdit

Dunkel Predicted that the Crystal Pillar would reach a perfect alignment between Centra and the Moon roughly 80 Years before Final Fantasy VIII, once the alignment was complete he commensed the Ritual needed to activate the Luna Cry even though presently it is all mechanized instead, the Crystal Pillar called the Sea of Monsters to it from the Moon causing they and the Pillar to be caught in Gaia's Gravitational Pull.

Dunkel and Adel's Forces moved into action as Trident-Class Battlecruisers and Radiant-Class Assualt Ships of Albion coupled by the Ragnarok-Class Airships of Esthar, guided the Pillar down to Centra and destroyed the nation with a quick invasion coupled with the Luna Cry's effects,