The "Revelation"

The only one of its kind that was built under Dunkel's Command as Commander-in-Chief of Albion's Armies, it is covered in Heavy Artillary weaponry that is strong enough to even damage Lunatic Pandora's Shields and to rain destruction down on the "Mobile Garden" Vehicles, it has a 360* weapons array.

Schematics Edit

The RevelationEdit

Production information Edit

  • Albion Armoury Inc.
  • Heavy Destroyer
  • Heavy Carrier
  • Tactical Superweapon
  • Battleship
  • Flagship
Design Brainchild:Edit
  • Albion Military Office
  • Dunkel's personal design

Technical SpecificationEdit

  • 700 Meters
  • 600 Meters (not including Command Tower)
  • 900 Meters (including Command Tower)
Armament: Edit
  • 40x Quad energy cannons
  • 400x Multi-Barreled energy batteries
  • 4000x CIWS (Close-In Weapon Systems) energy cannons
  • 20x EM (Electro Magnetic) energy cannons
  • 10x Heavy Missile Launchers
  • 75x Multi-Purpose Missile Launchers
Other Equipment:Edit
  • Heavy Energy Shields, follows armour surface.
  • Strong yet light armour with Heavy Electronic Shielding.
  • EMP Generators to disable enemy ships nearby, making them helpless from the Battleship's following barrage.
  • 2x Tractor beam projectors
  • 10000x Cloning Tubes, used for the creation of Legionaires.
  • Legionaires (can carry over six million Legionaires) -

Angel Legion A1

Frontline Specialists

Angel Legion A2

Frontline Specialists

Angel Legion A3

Frontline Specialists

Angel Legion B1

Balistics Specialists

Angel Legion B2

Baliistics Specialists

Angel Legion C

Commander Specialists

Angel Legion P1

Piloting Specialists

Angel Legion P2

Piloting Specialists

Angel Legion LAP1

Large Airship Piloting Specialists

Angel Legion LAT

Large Airship Tech Specialists

Angel Legion SAHT

Small Airship Hanger Tech Specialists

Angel Legion S

Secret Ops Specialists

  • Small Airships (Complement of 200 Airships of Varying Sizes) -

125x Abaddon-Class Interceptor Airship

50x Creiz-Class Heavy Bomber Airship

25x Levian-Class Scout Airship

?x Rodian-Class Aerial Transport

?x Rex-Class Aerial Attack Transport


  • Albion's 8th Aerial/Space Fleets
  • "Lunatic Pandora" Defence Armada
  • Dark GF Search Force
  • Project "Hyne Revival"
Known Owners:Edit
  • Dunkel Almasy (a.k.a. Dunkel Fleruq)
Known Commanders:Edit
  • Military Central and Commander-In-Chief - Dunkel Almasy (a.k.a. Dunkel Fleruq)
  • Grand Admiral - Garnel Krex
  • Fleet Captain - Dex Voltos
  • Angel Legions Supreme Commander - Trian Reine


  • During its flight into the sky it has been shown to be able to leave the atmosphere and enter into orbit.
  • ^Likewise its range has been shown to be able to drop a bombardment of heavy energy attacks onto a planet's surface from orbit, it is also hinted by Dunkel, that all vehicles that have transatmospheric transport capabilities can attack a planet from a range showing why the Shumi fear and ally with the nation of Albion.