Sky Pirate Missions are missions that take Balthier and the party to steal money, fight monsters, and infiltrate other Sky Pirates. They can be assigned by NPC's, Balthier, or anyone in the party. There are two types of Sky Pirate Missions, Mandatory and Optional.

Mandatory Sky Pirate MissionsEdit

Year 1Edit

01."Minor Adjustments"-Objective: Speak with Delco.
02.Escort-Objective: Search for an escort to Rabanastre.
03.Shadow of the Sands-Objective: Reach the Royal City of Rabanastre.

Optional Sky Pirate MissionsEdit

Year 1Edit

01.Balfonheim Errands-Objective: Run errands for Myran.
02.Love Hurts-Objective: Spy on Lolin and Kran.
03.Treasure Hunter-Objective: Find the Dalmascan Estersand Buried Treasure. (DEBT)