An alternate story to Final Fantasy XIII with a number of New Characters, follows the main plot of Final Fantasy XIII, except a brand new fate is eventually created for all of the Characters.


Before the Main StorylineEdit

We first introduce Albion Estheim whom is the brother of Hope Estheim, Albion really has a dream along the lines of Cid Raines whom he knows very well from a young age as they were both part of the Junior Guardian Corps Recruits however while Cid was made into a honoured member of PSICOM, Albion was instead made into an Omega L'Cie and joined the Abyssal Legion.

Albion was chosen as the successor to the Supreme Commander of the Abyssal Legion however he was killed not long after this announcement, Albion therefore became Supreme Commander earlier than expected and met Cid Raines again whom had become Leader of the "Cavalry", the two immediatly fell in love upon once again seeing each other after such a long time, Albion then learned that Cid was a Sanctum L'Cie.

New ChangesEdit

New CharactersEdit