The Sorceress Power, also known sometimes as the Sorcerer Power within Males, is a powerful essence created by Hyne and his Biological Descendents which turns the person whom aquires it into Sorcerers (Male) or Sorceresses (Female)


Aging and Bodily RepairEdit

It is a known fact that once a Sorcerer or Sorceress' powers reach maximum at a certain age they are gifted with an Eternal Youth while some, like Hyne and his Biological Descendents, are far more durable than their created counterparts.

One's Own PowerEdit

When someone recieves a Sorceress or Sorcerer's Power, it nurtures a power within themselves giving them unique skills of their own, meanwhile the Sorceress or Sorcerer whom lost their power have their own dormant within the new Sorceress or Sorcerer unless that person is trained in that field.

Giving up one's powersEdit

When defeated in combat, a Sorcerer or Sorceress can give up their power if they have no desire to retain those powers however some small natural Magic will remain leaving a small percentage of that Sorceress or Sorcerer's powers including a control of their ageing, the only way for a Sorcerer or Sorceress to give up ALL their power is to die.

Creating the PowerEdit

Naturally born Sorcerers or Sorceresses have the power to create the Power on their own, with varying degree in power when the chosen person's own powers are awakening, Power created by a Child of Hyne is far more powerful than one of his Biological Descendents.